Smart Cleaning Solutions
For the New Normal

Maintex can help you make the best decisions and obtain the proper products to protect your staff, customers, and community from COVID-19.

Infection Prevention

Let our experts help you develop a hospital-grade disinfecting program.

Compliance Audit

We can ensure you are fully compliant with the latest government reopening guidelines for your area.

Enhanced Cleaning

Align your staff with the latest industry best practices through our comprehensive training programs.

New Technologies

Explore the latest equipment innovations that save time, labor, and take your cleaning dollar further.

Infection Prevention

Visitors and staff are demanding a higher level of clean. We can analyze your facilities needs and create a custom tailored cleaning program that will streamline and improve your disinfecting efforts while increasing productivity.

EPA-registered disinfectants

Maintex offers products registered by EPA that are effective against common pathogens and registered disinfectant products that are qualified for use against COVID-19.

Disposable microfiber

When cleaning is both critical and a daily challenge, you need the right tools to do the job right. Laundry-free microfiber solutions can make your cleaning needs safer, practical, and cost-effective.

Supply replenishment

Managing your supplies has never been more important. We can keep you stocked with supplies and replenish when and where you need it.

Compliance Audit

Government guidelines and health department requirements are constantly evolving in response to the latest scientific evidence. Avoid legal liability and ensure you are in full compliance by working with your expert Maintex sales consultant.

Powerful Disinfectant Applicators

Protect your workspace with an ultra-fine disinfectant spray. This machine’s ergonomically designed tools allow for effortless decontamination. Perfect for hospitals, schools, public facilities, or any general-purpose spray applications.

Cutting-Edge Electrostatic Disinfecting

Keep your facility healthier while saving time, money, and labor. The innovative Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayer, with the patented PowerWrap™ nozzle, delivers trusted Clorox solutions to the front, back, and sides of surfaces. Superior coverage for better germ protection.

Modern Floor Care Solutions

The maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind scrubber. The iMop is a powerful, easy-to-use labor saving device that can get into corners and tight spaces.

Vacuum with HEPA filter

Vacuum cleaners featuring HEPA filtration systems are able to handle tough commercial cleaning jobs while maintaining indoor air quality.  Check out the latest ergonomic battery-powered backpack vacuum innovations for the ultimate in convenience and portability. 

Enhanced Cleaning

Cleaning staff have more work to do than ever. Maintex virtual and on-site training programs are a key tool in keeping your staff educated on the latest cleaning practices and techniques to ensure they do the best job as efficiently as possible.

No-Contact Forehead Thermometer

This non-contact body infrared thermometer is specially designed to take the body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. This medical quality thermometer is perfect for measuring the temperature of an adult by checking their forehead, with its safe no-contact design.

3 ply Breathable Disposable Face Mask

about by wearing one of our disposable face masks. Keeping you away from pollutants and allergens, also great for pet allergens. Three layers of protection help you purify every breath, keep as sterile as possible.

Desk Top Hand Sanitizer

Kills 99.99% of harmful germs that can cause illness. These powerful sanitizers use ethyl alcohol to deliver moisture and keep skin smooth.

Premium Facial Tissue

Premium facial tissue that delivers the appearance and softness for today’s discerning business customers and employees.

Disinfecting Wipes

Quickly cleans up spills and messes leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Effective against common bacteria such as staphococus, salmonella and E-coli. Premoistened to kill 99.9% of germs.

Plexiglass Partitions

Plexiglass partitions and shields are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

New Technologies

Labor-saving equipment makes cleaning staff more efficient and saves money in the long run. Show staff that their health and safety is prioritized by investing in cutting-edge cleaning systems including modern disinfecting machines.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A compact, convenient way to dispense instant hand sanitizer foam. It’s small enough to fit in tight spaces, such as washrooms, closets, or on walls between objects. These electronic or pump dispensers release the perfect amount of hand sanitizer every time, minimizing waste.

Disposable Gloves

Our Nitrile gloves are the perfect compromise between latex and vinyl. Nitrile is made from an allergy safe compound that feels similar to latex but is much stronger, costs less and is more comfortable to wear.

Social Distancing Mats & Markers

Message and designate proper physical and social distancing and create a safe, slip-resistant surface. Reminder for indoor entrances, counters, turnstyles & more, stays in place; won’t damage floors, peel or curl up.

Cones & Safety Barriers

Complete, expandable system for quick deployment. Four-sided safety cones. Wet floor and caution signs in English and Spanish.

Touchless Fixtures

Paper towel systems combine touchless operation with jam-free performance for state-of-the art dispensing. Designed for use in offices, healthcare, industrial and higher educational facilities, these products deliver 97% customer satisfaction, thanks to their dependability, hygiene and efficiency. The automated touchless soap and sanitizer dispensing systems offers a more hygienic solution for professional restrooms and hand washing areas.

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